Meet Chef Reuben and his Mom Arvey!

Reuben started in the kitchen as a young boy, watching his mom cater from the counter where he sat munching on stuffed mushrooms and peapods, when other kids were eating PBJ. As he grew up he started working in a restaurant kitchen as a teenager and has worked his way up to Executive Chef at top restaurants. Not only has he been featured on the cover of fine magazines, but he took his restaurant to the prestigious James Beard House in Manhattan!

Mom Arvey started cooking when she had to pull a chair up to reach the counter. She later started an upscale catering business. By Word of Mouth she cornered the market and catered affairs for up to 1200 people. But it all boils down to one common denominator….good homemade food from scratch….AND the heart! None of that box stuff in their kitchen. And that’s still their secret to what makes their food the best. “One thing I’ve found over the years is that people love home cooking…and it never goes out of style!” says Arvey.

Arvey and Reuben, mom and son, are in the business at the request of those who have had the pleasure of sampling their food. But to make the whole package even more palatable, mom and son both not only cater the best food anywhere, they cater to their customers, anticipating needs and providing perfect, personalized and professional customer service. Ask them what the best part is and they’ll tell you. “Our customers are like family, our best friends!”
And the request of their customers, they've opened Reuben's addition to catering.​

Did we mention that their food is fresh and delicious….?

You Asked For It...You got it!
​Reuben's Catering has been catering their amazing home cooked food to southwest Florida for several years.... but their customers always had one question! "Where are you located so we can come to your restaurant?" These customers were told there wasn't a restaurant...and there were no plans to open one. But demand won out and Reuben's Smokehouse opened at their 11506 S. Cleveland Avenue location in Fort Myers last December...serving up the favorites!  Smoked Ribs, Brisket, Pork & Chicken ... & of course the comfort food like Chicken & Dumplings, Pot Roast, Meat Loaf...and their famous Homemade Yeast Rolls, Gooey Fudgy Chocolaty Cake, Luscious Lemon Bars....and a new star....Chocolate Caramel Bread Pudding which is stealing the show!
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